Eco Friendly Resort

When we started thinking about building a resort the first thought we had was that it had to be eco-friendly. We wanted to blend with the environment and not use lots of diesel generating electricity.

Our designs have been heavily influenced by traditional Thai building methods. All our buildings are made of natural hard woods built on posts buried in the ground eliminating the need for concrete foundations. The roofs are made from local thatch. The combination of natural materials keeps the bungalows cooler as they don’t retain the heat. The bungalows themselves catch the winds that come in off the beach and channel them inside, keeping you cool as you sleep, even without air conditioning.

Low energy bulbs are used everywhere for our lighting to save power. For now our electricity still comes from diesel generators, we are constantly trying to better ourselves and have long term plans to be even greener.

Koh Lipe is a beautiful little island and if we are all to enjoy it for a long time to come we need to look after it‘s environment.

If you would like to know more or take part in weekly beach cleaning days please visit the following sites or talk with our reception staff.

Trash Hero

Facebook Trash Hero’s

Facebook Lanta Animal Welfare

Lanta Animal Welfare

Project Urak Lawoi Koh Lipe 

We support Trash hero clean-up events and provide compressive support to Lanta Animal welfare projects on Koh Lipe.

Mosquitos and Insects 

We go to great lengths to ensure our bungalows are insect free and provide mosquito nets in each bungalow and a large ceiling fan, so normally mosquitoes are not a problem inside the bungalows. During early evenings, you should put mosquito repellent on when going outside. Most of the time you can sleep without the mosquito net, especially if you don’t leave the doors open late afternoon early evening, it also helps to give your bungalow a quick spray before dinner if you intend sleeping without the net. If you do use the nets they should be tucked in all the way around the bed to be effective. (Please ask at reception if you would like some spray or would like us to spray your room.) Sleeping without the net can also be cooler, just hang the net to one side, not over the Fan.