Tarutao National Marine park


The hundreds of coral reefs within the national park are some of the best to be found in Thailand

Tarutao National Marine Park

We are truly blessed on Koh Lipe – We are surrounded by beautiful seas with the most amazing colours from the ever-changing sunlight. Around the island are coral reefs teeming with fish and wildlife. The beaches are all covered in white sand. It’s impossible to visit Koh Lipe without spending lots of time admiring the beaches and the sea.

One of the best ways to explore the seas around Koh Lipe is by snorkelling. You can rent gear in the resort and go snorkelling directly from our beach and see a lot of fish and coral. When you’ve exhausted Sunrise Beach then why not take one of our snorkel tours to the nearby islands?

Boat Trips around islands

With the Tarutao National Marine Park around Koh Lipe and the islands Koh Adang and Koh Rawi right next door, there is so much to explore by boat. We organize boat trips and have trips suitable for families with children and for those that want a little bit more adventure.

Although Koh Lipe’s beaches are beautiful, why not visit a deserted island and have the whole beach for yourself?  We’ll send you off with a packed lunch and water and you can spend a leisurely few hours hanging out on a deserted beach and swimming by yourself. If you want something more adventurous go on a jungle trek and visit waterfalls, or go and see the troupe of crab-eating macaques.

The underwater world around Koh Lipe and in the Marine Park is a wonder to behold. You don’t need to be a diver to enjoy it – take a snorkel trip and explore one of the hundreds of coral reefs within the area. For more information please speak with our staff in the dive centre.

If you don’t like getting wet and snorkelling is not your thing, then rent a kayak and explore the small islands off Sunrise Beach. If you want to be more adventurous you can kayak over to Adang and explore the beaches there. Please talk to our dive staff about currents beforehand.

All activities can be arranged with the staff in our dive shop Castaway Divers, once on the island.

Tarutao National Marine Park