Eco Friendly Resort


Lessen your impact when you travel chose an Eco friendly resort where ever you go.

Castaway Koh Lipe Eco Resort Design

Firstly, we use eco-friendly traditional Thai building methods that allow to catch natural winds and breezes. Secondly, bungalows are supplied with refillable water containers, not plastic bottles. In addition, we have only low electricity consumption appliances at the resort. Finally, we allow local plants to grow on the premises thus supporting local ecosystems. All these factors add to Castaway eco-resort's credentials.

Eco resort design

When we started thinking about building Castaway Resort on Koh Lipe, our first thought was that it had to be as eco-friendly a resort as possible. Indeed the design of Castaway Resort is influenced by traditional Thai building methods with a modern twist here and there.

As a result, all our buildings are built from natural hardwoods that are locally sourced from sustainable farms. Along with this, the roofs are made from hand-made local thatch. The combination of natural materials helps to keep the bungalows cooler as the natural materials don’t retain the heat and also insulate at the same time. Moreover, the bungalows themselves catch the winds that come in off the beach channelling the airflow inside. These keep you cool as you sleep, even without air conditioning.


restaurant sketchcastaway koh lipe

Eco-friendly resort & energy

Eco-friendly LED bulbs are used everywhere for the resort’s lighting, saving lots of power. For now, our electricity still comes from diesel generators. But we are trying to better ourselves and have long-term plans to be even greener.

Koh Lipe is a beautiful little island. If we are all to enjoy it for a long time to come, we certainly need to look after it and its environment.

Eco resort water

Likewise, water is a finite resource which can’t be ignored if you want to be an eco-resort. Therefore, we had to install one of the most sophisticated waste treatment systems on the island, that makes sure whatever we or our guests use, is returned clean and in a safe manner back to the environment. To ensure that, we have based our water treatment systems on the American national park standards, which are above most European regulations.

Eco resort & rubbish

Certainly, good waste management is a must for any business, especially an eco-resort. Obviously, all goods consumed on the island come from the Mainland with the speedboats. Importantly, we must make sure all the rubbish goes back again sorted and ready for recycling on the mainland. So, if you purchase anything on the island, please leave your waste with us and you can be sure it will leave the island again. 

Eco Resort & Pest Control

We go to great lengths to ensure our bungalows and the eco-resort are insect-free as possible.

castaway Design room sketch
The environment

We go to great lengths to ensure our bungalows are insect-free. To ensure that we provide mosquito nets and ceiling fans in each bungalow. As a result, mosquitoes are not a problem inside the bungalows. In fact, most of the time you can sleep without the mosquito net completely especially if you don’t leave the doors open in the late afternoon and in the early evening (4-8 pm). However, if you do use the nets, they should be tucked in under the mattress all around the bed to be effective. In addition, it helps to give your bungalow a quick spray before dinner – please ask our reception staff to arrange this for you if you wish. 

Indeed, sleeping without the mosquito net can also be much cooler, especially if you hang the net to one side of the frame, not over the fan. 

Also, it is advisable during the early evenings to wear clothing that covers most of the body and to put mosquito repellent on.

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

Ernest Hemingway

Eco & Social initiatives

Castaway eco resort and social initiatives that have grown over the years on Koh Lipe.

Trash Hero

We continue supporting Trash Hero and its initiatives from their inception on Koh Lipe many years ago. Obviously, we are very proud to continue their programs on the island, including the water refill stations project, which is available at many resorts and restaurants on the island. Also, you can find Trash Hero bottles available for purchase at the same locations. In addition, we stock Trash Hero reusable bags. We will continue to collaborate with them and wish them the best of luck in their endeavours.

Animal welfare

We provide comprehensive support to Lanta Animal welfare projects on Koh Lipe. Of course, if you are interested in making a donation or volunteering, please follow the links below.

Save Koh Lipe
Definitely a fun and worthwhile endeavour.

Every Monday morning volunteers and tourists head out to one of the many beaches within the National Park close to Koh Lipe to clean one of them. Meet at 09:50 in the morning on Pattaya beach at the start of the Walking street. There is no cost and no need to sign-up, just show up and go. So check their Facebook page for details.