Honeymoons and weddings


Beach weddings and blessings on Koh Lipe, where better!

Koh Lipe’s Blessings & Wedding on Koh Lipe

Where better than Koh Lipe is there in Thailand for a beach wedding. In fact, at Castaway we are quite experienced in creating that perfect day. Whether it is a western-style beach wedding or an Asian blessing carried out by Monks.

Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

A Buddhist blessing or beach weddings on Koh Lipe. Is definitely, a romantic way to celebrate your love and commitment to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Without a doubt, what could be more romantic than doing it on a beautiful beach on the remote island of Koh Lipe.

The blessing/beach wedding

Buddhist Blessings at Castaway resort are on the beach, carried out by local monks from the Buddhist temple on the island. Usually, 3-5 monks officiated the blessings/beach wedding. When the Monks arrive, they are then invited to take their seats. Sitting traditionally, facing a westerly direction.

The senior monk will lead the ceremony. Chanting prayers in ancient Pali blessing. While the couple, kneel before the monks, with heads bowed and hands held together in a respectful wai. At some point the monks will drape a sacred thread across the heads of the couple, linking them together as a sign of their commitment to one another. Usually, the blessing will last about 30 minutes. Subsequently, when the ceremony is at an end, the newly blessed couple will invite the monks to eat and serve their monk’s food.

Once the Monks have finished eating, the monks will return to their monastery at the temple in the middle of the island. A show of appreciation in the form of a cash donation to the monastery is traditionally given by the wedding couple before the Monks depart.

Koh Lipe Weddings
Wedding ceremony in western style on Koh Lipe
Western Beach Wedding Ceremony

If you would like to hold the beach wedding on Koh Lipe in the afternoon and/or in a more Western style, we can organize the set-up for such a ceremony for you.

We have hosted quite a few Western-style beach wedding ceremonies over the years. Where the couples have asked their friend(s) to officiate, which worked out very well indeed. Or if you prefer we can usually organize an English-speaking wedding officiant for you.

After the wedding ceremony

It is now time for a celebration, absolutely with cocktails and some snacks. Also not to forget the all-important photographs, to commemorate this romantic moment in a perfect location.

Usually, most ceremonies are followed in the evening by a group dinner on the beach, followed by more drinks to round up the evening.

We are more than happy to arrange a local photographer for you.

We can also assist with many other aspects of a wedding. Including transfers, accommodation, and entertainment of the guest during their stay. please email us to discuss your needs

We also have a very active Facebook page. That we and our guests post very regularly with very up-to-date pictures that you might wish to browse.

You can also find further some videos of pasted weddings. Via the Castaway Resorts Koh Lipe Youtube channel. We can arrange Photographer services on request.


Honeymoon on paradise island

Come to Castaway and spend your honeymoon on Koh Lipe’s white sandy beaches and let us look after you. Stay in one of our Beachfront Breezy bungalows. From there you can enjoy the beautiful views from your bed and the sound of the waves as you sleep at night.

Whilst you are staying with us take boat trips to deserted beaches and spend the day just the two of you together. Or why not do something new as a couple and learn to dive together?

In the evenings enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner for two on one of our Sala on the beach. Come to Koh Lipe and make memories together that will last you a lifetime.

Getting Married in Thailand

If you want to get married in Thailand the process is a little different than doing it in your own country.

The first step will be to visit your embassy in Bangkok to gain approval to get married. Which may take anything from 3 – 10 days depending on the nationality. Once that is out of the way you will have to fill out a set of forms in English and have them translated into Thai. And then seek approval from the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok before you can go to a local Amphur (government office) to register the marriage. To find out more the best is to contact your embassy first.