Honeymoons & Weddings

Honeymoons & Weddings

A buddhist blessing is a romantic way to celebrate your love and commitment to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And what could be more romantic than doing it on a beautiful beach on a remote island surrounded by family and friends.

Buddhist Blessings are conducted at Castaway by monks from the local buddhist temple on the island. Blessings are conducted by 3 monks, who on arrival in the resort are welcomed and invited to take their position sitting in the traditional way, facing West. The senior monk will lead the ceremony chanting prayers in ancient Pali blessing the couple who will kneel down before the monks, with heads bowed and hands held together in a respectful wai. The monks will drape a sacred thread across the heads of the couple, linking them together as a sign of their commitment to one another.

The blessing will last about 30 minutes and when it is finished the newly blessed couple will invite the monks to eat. Once they have finished eating the monks will return to their monastery at the temple. A show of appreciation in the form of a cash donation to the monastery is traditional.



Come to Castaway and spend your honeymoon on Koh Lipe?s white sandy beaches and let us look after you. Stay in one of our Sea Breezy bungalows and enjoy the beautiful views from your bed and the sound of the waves as you sleep at night.

Whilst you are staying with us take boat trips to deserted beaches and spend the day just the two of you together. Or why not do something new as a couple and learn to dive? In the evenings enjoy romantic candle lit dinners for two on one of our salas on the beach.

Come to Koh Lipe and make memories together that will last you a life time.

Getting Married in Thailand

If you want to get married in Thailand the process is a little more complex than doing it in your own country. The first step will be your own embassy which may take anything from 3 – 10 days depending on the nationality. Once that is out of the way you will have to fill out a set of forms in English, have them translated in to Thai and then approved by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok before you can go to a local Amphur (government office) to register the marriage. Then before you can get your marriage license there is more translating and approval from the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok. To find out more contact your embassy.