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Castaway Beach Resort

Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe 91110 Satun, Thailand

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Which month is best for Koh Lipe?
From November to the end of February the weather is warm and dry, from March onward it starts to get a bit hot until May when it will rain on occasion but is then less hot. The weather from June until the end of August is generally great, not too hot and not a lot of rain. September is usually the wettest month on Koh Lipe, with the rain getting less until November. best weather forecast take a look at windyTV
Speedboats / Ferries from Pak Barra to Koh Lipe
Speedboats leave throughout the day, the first boat being around 09:00hrs the last can be as late as 15:30hrs, it is not advisable to really be on the late afternoon boats as they can be cancelled, best is to be at the pier before 14:00hrs.
Koh Lipe Banks, ATM's and changing Money?
There are no banks on the island, Koh Lipe does have a few ATMs but they might not be working all the time. Most resorts and larger restaurants accept credit cards to pay for things like Visa, and Master, but not Amex. Changing Money can be done on the island, but the rate is not good, better to change money before you arrive at Koh Lipe.
Is Koh Lipe expensive?
Koh Lipe is the furthest island from the mainland from all Thai islands, Thus all goods, water and food travel a long way from the mainland or Bangkok for that matter to get to Koh Lipe, this pushes the local island prices up for everything. But generally, you can buy things cheaper in small local shops than at the larger chain stores. Restaurants are varied from very cheap to very expensive depending on what they offer food-wise, the location and abeyance. Koh Lipe’s offering of hotel prices is the same as anywhere from cheap to expensive and also varies with season and how busy the island is. In conclusion, you will find something to suit all budgets.
Is Koh Lipe crowded?
Koh Lipe used to be crowded but like all of Thailand it is now very different since Covid, the busiest months on Koh Lipe are December and February, less busy months are May to November. But Koh Lipe’s unique position of being in the centre of a national park with 52 uninhabited islands awards any travellers with the opportunity of hopping on a boat for a short trip to a secluded beach all to themselves. surprisingly this is not done by most tourists which is a shame.
What to do in koh lipe?
Koh Lipe has lots to offer outside of just lying on the beach all day, Koh Lipe is located in the middle of a national park with 52 uninhabited islands with hundreds of empty beaches and lots of reefs. Hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, yoga, diving, snorkelling, day trips, or short half-day trips, massage and spas, cooking classes, shopping, and lots of choices of restaurants and bar.
How big is Koh Lipe?
Lipe is very small, everywhere is within walking distance, if you are too lazy to walk there are taxi bikes everywhere that cost 50 Baht per person per trip. Koh Lipe is about 3-4 sq Kilometers in total area and the longest beach is 1,5km. To cross the island between Sunrise beach and Pattaya beach is 500mtr and the longest possible walk in one direction is about 2.2km. Koh Lipe has no Motorbike hire companies, but some resorts rent bikes, just ask at reception.
Is there an Immigration Post on Koh Lipe?
Immigration Post is open on Koh Lipe between October and May when guests can arrive directly from Langkawi by ferry. Guests need to check visa regulations applicable to their citizenship country before making travel arrangements. There is another Immigration Post on the mainland in Satun that can be used during the June-October period. Please email us if you have questions about the immigration procedures when arriving at Koh Lipe.
Internet & Wifi
Most resorts including Castaway offer free Wifi connection to guests. However the signal travels over microwave towers and broadband is limited, so Wifi connection can be at times slow and/or intermittent. If you need a reliable connection throughout your stay at Koh Lipe, it is best to buy a local SIM with access to 4G.
Clinics & Pharmacies on Koh Lipe
There are several pharmacies on the island, the closest one being 5 minutes walk outside of Castaway Resort – next to the Harmony Bakery. All pharmacists speak good English and are normally well-versed in common ailments. There are also at least 4 clinics on the island now including one public one by the school. These clinics are well-equipped with medical supplies and can provide first aid, but in case of emergency, transportation to the mainland hospital can be arranged.