Weather in Koh Lipe

What is the weather like on Koh Lipe?

At any time of year Koh Lipe enjoys less rain and better weather than any locations on the west coast including Phuket, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi.

More important than temperature is precipitation. The rainy season is from September until mid-December, during which time on average, there are about two hours of rain per day. Note that an hour of this precipitation usually comes during the night time. Even during rainy season, the mornings are usually filled with sunshine, with the rain coming during overcast afternoons. The mid-season (neither dry nor rainy) is from mid-April until August. The mornings are again sunny, but the afternoons can be overcast and once or twice a week, thunderstorms pass through. This is also the coolest time of the year and the island is very laid back and quiet. The dry season is from mid-December until mid-April, during which time there is very little rain.

At any time of the year (more likely From September to mid-December) rainy and overcast weather may linger for a few days.

Temperatures on Lipe tend to be 30-32c in the day and 25-26c at night, April and May can be slightly hotter by a degree or two. From November to April we usually have an on shore wind that keeps it cool.